Five Funniest Fictional Attorneys

1. Barry Zuckerkorn What’s not to love about Barry? He’s very good. Too bad the Bluths weren’t a real family. They kept Barry living the high life and probably could support an entire practice of out-of-work attorneys.

WATCH: Barry gets fired.

2. Lionel Hutz Voiced by the vocally gifted Phil Hartman, he first appeared on the Simpsons in Season 2. His ineptitude and desperation fits our times quite nicely I think.

WATCH: Lionel Hutz pulls babysitting duty.

3. Single Female Lawyer I’ll be honest with you. I just threw this one in for the reference factor. Obscure enough?

WATCH: Remember Ally McBeal?

4. Jackie Chiles Jackie has all the swagger of Magnum P.I. and the loquaciousness of Matlock. We the jury, find him to be hilarious.


5. Johann Scott Scrimshire Oh man, this guy is the best! The best scene is where he rides a bike down the street and he’s hanging out for all the world to see and… *pause* Wait, this guy is real?

READ: Apparently riding a bike naked takes a little practice but once you’ve done it once it’s like, well riding a bicycle.


One Response to Five Funniest Fictional Attorneys

  1. idwsj says:

    I loved Ally McBeal. That oonga chaka baby…hilarity!

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